Wed Oct, 22 2014

Wedding Preparation

So I’m getting married soon, and don’t I know it, with all the reminders from well-meaning loved ones! To be honest, I always thought I’d get married much later in life, like at 40, so this is all coming a lot sooner than I’d expected.

Anyone who says planning a wedding is easy must be mad (or the most organised person in the world). I am obviously not…least not the organised part, heh. And so it’s been one kind of journey for me…some parts kind of fun, others, not so! I shamelessly ask brides-to-be, no matter if they are close friends or not, “Where to start?!”. Many brides, gown designers and even florists say, “Pinterest”. And so began my Pinterest journey.

I started with flowers. I love flowers, and started with the kind of floral arrangements and colours I would like, as this would set the mood for the wedding. I don’t have one absolute favourite flower per say, but I am partial to deep red roses and wild flowers in all shades of whites, pinks, purples and cornflower blue.

Jade Seah Wedding

While I like white, I love a mix of colours and I definitely prefer more random looking-arrangements; nothing too perfect or tightly-arranged. Some Pinterest inspiration I found:

Jade Seah

This is one of my own arrangements I did a few months ago – so excuse the bad photography!

Jade Seah Wedding

And this is one of my favourite bouquets to have received so far – made even sweeter that it was a surprise delivery on my birthday! Look at that mix of colours!

Jade Seah Wedding

So having decided on the flowers, the next thing that excited me was…the dress. Funnily enough, many people, my mother included, thought I already knew what kind of dress I would want for my wedding. I don’t! I’ve never had a ‘dream wedding’ ideal in my head. To be really honest, I wasn’t even sure I’d ever get married, so a fella was never really in the mix –  this means I never had the luxury for years of planning/thinking about this whole wedding thing!

But I digress. So on gowns… I don’t even like gowns. For my Catholic Confirmation at sixteen, my cousin wore a lovely full-length white gown – I wore a bias-cut slipdress (looking back, slightly inappropriate for church, but ah well…). For my JC prom, when all my girlfriends got dolled up in what they now call ‘cupcake dresses’ – usually a bustier top with a poufy, ballgown-skirt – I wore a little black dress.

I only wore a ‘gown’ for my TKGS prom at sixteen – it was a simple, slim-fitting, strapless A-line dress in navy. (Ahh…the three years I suffered a bad smile in braces…)

jade seah

In the course of my work as a Mediacorp artiste, I’ve had to wear gowns a few times and never felt too comfortable in them. Like this red gown I wore to some awards show is lovely, but I remember feeling like I’d played dress-up in someone else’s closet that night.

Jade Seah weddingThere was one year I wore a simple, slim-fitting, strapless A-line (spot the trend! haha) Valentino for Star Awards, and I think that was one of the gowns I didn’t mind as much.

Jade Seah weddingI also really like this gown by my childhood friend, Jade Swee of Time Taken to Make a Dress, that I wore for the premiere of The Phantom of the Opera. (Excuse the bare feet! It was taken at a gf’s place and you know we Asians don’t wear our shoes into others’ places!)

Jade Seah Wedding

jade seah

I’ve always felt like a bit of a dork in gowns, and I absolutely hate gowns that feel ‘prom-like’ – no poufy confections for me!

So I started pinning potential gowns on Pinterest and it took a pretty long time! I went through so many gowns that just didn’t appeal to me – too poufy, too revealing, too form-fitting, too ‘prom-like’, too glamorous – so here are the few that did:

Jade Seah Wedding

Jade Seah Wedding

Working with Casey of Calla Bridal to design a gown for my wedding…you can check out some of the process in these videos!

Will show more of the dress in time!

Actually, while Pinterest is a great place to start when looking for wedding inspiration, in ‘kiasu’ (for non-Singaporean readers, translation/meaning of ‘kiasu’ here) Singapore, the very first thing you must, must MUST settle is the venue. These things get booked up fast, dang! I never realised…

With both my man and I being Roman Catholics, the church wedding mass (or ‘service’ as is more commonly known outside the Catholic circle) is the most important thing. While we both met in the Church of the Holy Family in Katong (the old one, before it was completely demolished to make way for the modern building that now stands in its place…sigh), we preferred a smaller, more intimate place for our wedding mass. And so began the search and decision on the church for the wedding.

Tip to all Catholics: should you wish to be married in the Church of St Teresa, book like two thousand years in advance or something! I don’t know why, but it seems to be the most popular Catholic church in Singapore to be married in – perhaps that it is all-white and sits pretty atop a hill in Kampong Bahru?

jade seah

Jade Seah
(Photo credits: here)

Think about it: there are only 52 Saturdays in a year available for weddings – and these get booked up REAL fast. So many girlfriends have settled for Friday weddings as they are insistent on being wed in St Teresa’s…thankfully neither my man and I have such desires. We picked a church that was meaningful to us, picked a Saturday, and we worked everything around that date. Easy peasy!

Next came the decisions for lunch/dinner venues. A few that we shortlisted:

1. The gorgeous and historic Alkaff Mansion

jade seah wedding alkaff mansion

2. My number one pick for a lunch venue (never been a fan of this formal dinner thing; I just want a big, casual buffet lunch without much fuss like having to deal with table arrangements) – the breathtakingly gorgeous Flower Field Hall at Gardens by the Bay

Jade seah wedding

Jade Seah wedding

I love going to Gardens by the Bay just to look at and enjoy the beauty of the plants. It’s like a garden wedding without Singapore’s tropical heat (I don’t actually mind the heat but I got many protests when I mentioned an outdoor wedding to friends and family…boo.)

Sadly, this is waaaaay over budget, so had to scrap the idea… It’s so beautiful though. You should definitely consider this if you have a bigger budget!

3. The lovely (and also historic!) Burkill Hall at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Burkill hall Singapore Botanic Gardens

Love that it’s a restored colonial house, and that it’s in one of my favourite places in Singapore – the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

4. Another heritage site set in lovely greenery: the old Changi Command House, now known as Changi Cove

jade seah wedding changi cove

changi command house

changi command house

What a lot of work! Had to go down to recce the spaces, work out the cost (as a lot of these places don’t have set packages; have to bring vendors such as caterers, flowers, alcohol in separately)…

With that settled, I could move on to more fun (and slightly vain and frivlous, heh) things such as hair and makeup.

I want to work with so many wonderful makeup artists who have since become friends. However, I can only work with one person on the day (boo!!) and so came the very difficult decision. It’s not that I feel the one I finally decided on is superior to the others; it’s simply that I know what kind of makeup I want on that day, and this person has created exactly that look for me before for a magazine shoot.

I want a really soft look for makeup. Something like this:

Jade Seah makeup

To be able to carry off this kind look requires great skin (okay, and those cheekbones wouldn’t hurt…). I’ve always had slightly problematic skin – I still get breakouts (yes, what the hell, right??) and there are periods where my skin gets flaky and rough too, which then triggers a new wave of breakouts, argh! All this is made worse each time I travel (and I’ve been travelling quite a bit!), and especially so when I visit non-tropical places. I think my skin is only really happy in the humid tropics!

For this reason, I do not turn on the air-conditioning when I sleep. In fact, I am not a fan of air-conditioning at all! Not only do I not like feeling cold (and I get cold really easily) I hate how it dries out your skin, hair and throat. I’ve never understood why so many Singaporeans ‘cannot live’ without the A/C.

Jade seah
Photo credits: here

Yes, I use a moisturiser to try to combat this, and I also always bring a richer moisturiser with me on my travels. I find myself still suffering peeling, sensitive skin when overseas though – it’s like the moisturiser doesn’t absorb as much as it should, and sits more on the skin’s surface, or something. However, I’ve recently found that the secret that saves my skin when away on winter trips – oil! Putting oil on one’s face is such a counter-intuitive thing to do for us Asians, and especially from us Singaporeans. Most of us suffer from oily skin and a lot of us have had to battle acne breakouts at one point in our life or another. A lot of this is blamed on excess sebum (oil) being secreted, and the reason for this is precisely our humid climate. So most of us from this part of the world would never think of putting more oil on our faces! But for some reason, oil gets absorbed into my sometimes patchy and peeling skin a lot more readily than regular moisturiser!

Ok, to be fair, it’s not just any oil (don’t go putting cooking oil on your face, pleas!). It started when I was introduced to Clarins’ Double Serum by a friend, after I was complaining to her about my skin woes. She told me about this product that was literally two serums in one – the two serums are even contained in separate chambers within a single product.

jade seah
Photo credits: here

The two liquids are ‘lipidic-oil’ and ‘hydric water’ which is a dual formula that apparently mimics skin in this ‘golden ratio’ of oil to water, which encourages maximum absorption into the skin – instead of sitting on top like some moisturisers do. I love how it sinks into my skin and doesn’t feel oily at all. Heads up though, if you’re a fan of gel-based products: it definitely feels a lot more ‘silky’ then the after-feel of using gel-based stuff. I personally dislike gel-based products as some ‘sting’ and I also don’t like the ‘cooling’ sensation when you first put gel stuff on the face. The skin also feels ‘unprotected’ after using such products and looks as dull as it did before – oftentimes it feels a bit of a waste of my time applying the stuff. I caveat that this is a personal preference. So I like the Clarins Double Serum as it absorbs quickly, is easy to spread (I follow the Clarins’ way of warming the product between my palms then pressing it on the face) and leaves it feeling silky smooth and ready for sunblock and makeup. Bonus: the botanical oils smells like a spa on your face!

This is how it looks like when you pump out the product. You can see the distinct two serums.

jade seah
Photo credits: here and here

So no more ‘cracks’/peeling skin thanks to the superb hydration properties – our skin is apparently made up of oil and water and hence needs both. So that’s one skin woe solved, but there’s a wonderful side effect too: it’s a superb anti-ageing product! My fine lines have been reduced, my skin looks a lot more radiant, even sans makeup and I feel like the skin is slightly firmer and more lifted – yay! Was at dinner with a gf I haven’t seen in awhile last week and mid-meal she suddenly asked what I’ve ‘done’ – “you look younger, babe!”. If that doesn’t make me want to stick with it, I don’t know what will. Such bimbotic vanity, I know, I know… But I only share good things, so:

Try out this product for free by clicking here!

On top of this, to get my face in shape, I have been avoiding the sun (I used to sun tan regularly!) and doing sports only before dawn or in the evenings. Sun damage! I’ve also been keeping up with my Shaping Facial Lift routine; you can read more on how to get a smaller face and take a good selfie here.

Next, hair. My hair stylist is super excited and asking me what kind of hair I would like for the wedding – I don’t know! Up? Down? Hair up? All I know is that I don’t want it straight, and that I don’t want it looking too ‘done’. But since I have naturally stick-straight hair and get it permed regularly precisely so it isn’t stick-straight, that’s a bit of a no-brainer, heh. Recently filmed a video with her where we explored different types of hairstyles for the wedding – look out for it soon!

Some hair ideas I’ve explored:

jade seah

Jade Seah

And a sneak peek of one we tried for the ‘Wedding Hairstyles’ video coming soon on my channel on ChicPeek:

Jade Seah

So that’s venue, flowers, church wedding dress, makeup, skincare and hair covered…look out for the next post(s) where I’ll share honeymoon plans (woo hoo – most fun part of wedding planning!), hen’s trips, designing the evening gown and more details on the rest as I countdown a few more months to the big day!

Mon Oct, 6 2014

Ah Boy vs. Mata Fight Over Girl: Dorothy Perkins Style Face-off | ChicPeek Ep 56

2 hunks + 1 babe = 1 very HOT episode of ChicPeek!

Benjamin Kheng (¼ of The Sam Willows and male lead in ‘Ah Boys to Men, The Musical’) goes against Daren Tan (star of the movie ‘That Girl in Pinafore’ and who also stars in Channel 5’s ‘Mata Mata’) in a Style Face-off to impress a girl!

These two look good, but do they know what women want? I challenge them to find an outfit for blogger Jessica Tham (tippytapp) – but they have to go through a series of physical challenges first!

Hey, I get to have a little fun too, right? Ladies, you can thank me in the comment box! =p

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Sun Sep, 14 2014

How to Organise Your Wardrobe | ChicPeek Ep 55

Want to spend less time getting ready in the morning? A well-organised wardrobe will help you shave off minutes – more sleep! – as you will no longer spend precious time looking for things. Here are some of my personal tips.

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Mon Sep, 1 2014

Jade Seah x Topshop

Recently shot a video for Topshop. Was a lot of fun! Thanks to Linda and Justin for the video; Cha of Hair Story by C&C for the gorgeous hair and Cecilia and Edith for the opportunity to represent one of my go-to favourite brands.

Sat Aug, 30 2014

Choosing Wedding Gowns (Part II) | ChicPeek Ep 54

Go bridal gown shopping with me! I’m getting married in a few months’ time, and I haven’t yet settled my gown! In part II of this episode on choosing wedding gowns, I try on a few gowns to see which shape best works on my figure. What silhouette I should go for – mermaid, drop-waist, ballgown or A-line?! I need your help in deciding before Casey designs & makes a bespoke gown for me.

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Mon Aug, 25 2014

My Long-Story Love Story

I’m getting married soon, and everyone’s been asking who I’m marrying, lol. There are no pictures of him on my Instagram, Facebook or this website. Maybe he’s an imaginary boyfriend?

We met when we were 15. All Catholic kids have to go through 10 years of catechism classes (from primary one till you get Confirmed at 16) and we were no exception. I was actually taking classes in another church (it’s the same in Catholic churches all over the world) but I was a bit of a naughty kid and had been skipping classes for a couple of months before the teacher called my mother to ask why I had not been attending classes. She flipped, of course, as she had no idea! (Every Sunday, I would take the bus before 8am like I was going for catechism…and go hang out with my friends instead.)

My mum was so upset that I had been skipping classes (sorry, mum!) that when she bumped into a nun who used to teach her in school, she told her about it. Long story short was that she pulled me out of that church and I started classes in another catholic church.

Kids usually start and finish their entire catechism journey in one church, so joining this new bunch at 15, when everyone already knew everyone, meant I was the “new kid in school” and had to work harder to make friends. It was cool though and I was really happy in the new environment except for one thing: I remember my boy-crazy younger self complaining to a group of girls there that “there are no hot guys in this church”! One of them pointed my now-fiance out and said, “that one not bad what”. I distinctly remember saying, “ok only lah”. Haha!

We never spoke even though I was a social creature who was friends with everyone. I think it was because he was… #1, really shy and hardly ever (maybe never!) spoke and #2, not in class half the time as he was then a national athlete who had training at least twice a day, six times a week. We got Confirmed at 16 (kind of like graduation) and I never saw him again.

We bumped into each other more than ten years later, and I actually remembered him as his face hadn’t changed. Oh and he definitely remembered me! Heh. We chatted a little then and he followed up after that with a message. We ended up communicating a lot – without meeting for months.

When we finally met, I remember it was for prawn noodles in our area (we both stay in the east) and he was REALLY quiet. I was pretty bummed and slightly confused. He had asked me out but he didn’t seem interested? He had also shared quite a lot with me prior to that but why was he so silent when we finally met?

I don’t do well with mixed signals (why can’t everyone just be direct!?) and I definitely don’t take to game-playing (maybe he was trying to blow hot and cold?). I wasn’t planning to see him again. I had actually been pretty excited to meet him prior to that date and had told a friend about it. When that friend asked me how it went, I remember saying, “he was really quiet man. I think he’s not interested. I think I’m done with this one.”. This friend said maybe he was just really shy, and shy guys sometimes act like that around girls they like. He encouraged me to go out with him again.

He really did ask me out again and on account of the fact that he was obviously really keen to meet me (so confusing!)…and that I thought his dimples were cute (so shoot me, I’ve my shallow, human moments!) I decided to give him a second chance and go out with him. I remember being determined to not I get excited about it as I did the last time though – I generally hate the feeling of being played like a kite and I refuse to get sucked into hot-cold spirals.

This time though, he opened up and talked to me like the person I thought I had been communicating with the past few months. The rest is history. Well…kind of. We had struggles at the start as we are really different individuals. But still history. (I just want to say that, can!)

So he’s very much real and not my imaginary boyfriend. The reason he doesn’t show up on my social accounts is because he has requested that I don’t post pictures of him! He did agree to go to Mauritius with me for a recent shoot I did for Her World Brides magazine though – tempted by the prospect of beautifully-shot wedding pictures, no doubt. (He is Groomzilla, but more on that in another post!)

Here’s a short video of what went down behind the scenes in Mauritius:

It was such a fun trip, with wonderful people like stylist Steve, his assistant, Evon, photographer Winston and Sha, who made me look half-decent by doing my hair and makeup. It’s also the first shoot ever that I had my other half with me (I personally don’t believe in mixing work and play) and that made it extra special.

Thank you, Her World Brides, for having us!

(See the full story in the September issue of Her World Brides. It’s the one with my mug on the front!)

Tue Aug, 19 2014

Jade Seah Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jade Seah accepts Ministry of Funny’s Ice Bucket Challenge and enlists the help of Tanjong Katong Girls’ School girls (her alma mater) to carry it out! She nominates Desmond Tan, Ann Kok and the Tree Potatoes to participate and raise awareness for ALS, also known as motor neurone disease.

In Singapore, Haresh from Ministry of Funny is raising funds for the Society of the Physically Disabled, so please help out here.

Sat Aug, 16 2014

How to Choose Your Wedding Gown | ChicPeek Ep 53

Go bridal gown shopping with me!

I’m getting married in a few months’ time, and I haven’t yet settled my gown! In this video, bridal designer, Casey, shares important factors to consider when choosing a wedding gown.

Special thanks to Casey of Calla Bridal for sharing your time and knowledge.
Calla Bridal:

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Mon Aug, 11 2014

How to Climb a Mountain: Kota Kinabalu (Part II)

Continued from my previous post on finally making it to climb Mount Kinabalu. (Check it out here if you missed it!)

Passed by Carson Fall on the way up. This was really early on in the climb…

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

The weather was kind and it stopped raining about an hour into the climb. Everyone was getting really warm from the physical exertion, so we got rid of the waterproof and warmer layers and started stripping down to our lighter layers underneath. Some were down to singlet and shorts! I’m bad with cold so I was down to a sports top, one light thermal layer and an outer shell.

Jade Seah

I was one of the few on this trip who didn’t bring along a “bladder” of water (that’s the pack of water where you can get to it hands-free, via a tube, as my cousin is doing, above); I had planned to just take a 500ml water bottle with me. I am bad with carrying heavy loads and I was determined to pack as lightly as possible on this trip! However, everyone advised me to bring more (they all brought like 3kg worth of fluids) so I brought three 500ml bottles with me. They meant well as dehydration is a real problem; but I really do know myself best, I think. I don’t perspire very much, and I am used to my long runs going for extensive periods without fluids. In the end, I finished just the one bottle! Admittedly, I didn’t want to over-hydrate also because I was hoping to not have to use the bathrooms along the way…not the most savory.

Jade Seah

So glad it stopped raining and the sun came out! Finally started to warm up and was down to just my sports top.

Jade Seah

Halfway up a mountain, but there’s always time for a fun picture! Here I am annoying Humphrey on his break, lol.

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

The porters who work the mountain tirelessly, day in day out, are truly the unsung heroes of this place. Animal labour is banned on the mountain (presumably to protect the flora and beauty of the place; I think it’s because animals eat the vegetation and also poop everywhere), but supplies such as food still have to reach the accommodation at the top (for people like me to rest and have a hot meal after a climb). The only way is by porter, and these men and women make the back-breaking climb daily; some with things as heavy as sacks of rice or cartons of condensed milk on their backs.

Jade Seah

Some use their heads to support some of the load, as the man is doing here.

Jade Seah

Many don’t wear proper shoes – most wear these rubber slip-ons that hardly look comfortable. I chose not to hire a porter and to carry my own load as I felt terrible about a potentially old man (there are young men and women porters, though not as many as there are older men) carrying my load. I still don’t know what’s the best thing to do though; friends have told me that hiring a porter gives them work and a source of much-needed cash. I just personally felt bad about it. Please let me know what you think is best on this matter!

Then of course, there are people who hire a porter responsibly, as my friends did, providing them a proper backpack to help carry up; and then there are people like this clown we met along the way, who had his porter carry up a cabin bag. I mean, seriously…

Jade Seah

Nearing the destination here. The scenery was just beautiful and the winds were a welcome respite.

Jade Seah

This part was pretty fun as it was all rock. Felt like I was in some computer game as we had to pick the right stones to step on. On our descent the next day, it was a storm (we’d apparently caught the edge of the Philippines typhoon) and this whole area was a veritable waterfall, with water gushing down the rocks. I unfortunately have no pictures as the storm was too crazy, the rain made visibility low and full concentration was needed to step on the right stones without falling (some friends in our party slipped and fell). I was also the only one who had just one, instead of two, hiking poles, so there was no way I could snap any pictures, although I actually liked having one hand free to balance and reach for rocks. Good shoes make SUCH a difference, that’s all I’ll say! So if you invest in just one thing on an outdoor trip, make it the shoes.

Jade Seah

We finally hit our (mid-point) destination for the day at Laban Rata!

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Our Laban Rata digs for the night!

Jade Seah

The temperate climate at this altitude meant beautiful flora.

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Marilyn and Char taking pictures of each other…taking pictures of each other!

Jade Seah

Starving! So thankful for not just a hot meal, but a hot buffet meal that wasn’t half-bad. Shiok!

Jade Seah

I basically conked out after dinner and a (very quick) shower before 7pm.

Woke up at 1am excited to summit! Here’s us packing and getting ready.

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Sadly, went out to see a crazy storm of heavy rain and strong winds. I seriously wanted to cry. Was really looking forwardto doing the via ferrata down!!! I actually went to look for the ranger to plead with him to open the gates to let us up the mountain. He was really nice but firm about it and explained that it was for our own safety – it is extremely dangerous to attempt the summit in the cold and rain. Argh! Not meant to be, I guess.

We waited for awhile more before the guides said the weather would basically be like that the whole day. So we packed up, put on our rain gear and started the trek down in the storm. A (small) consolation was that at least that was pretty exciting! No pictures as it was near impossible to not use full concentration for balance and choices (which rock to step on without falling) especially at the higher levels.

We made it down safely in less than 5 hours. While the journey down was easier in terms of exertion as we did not have to fight against gravity, I found going down more difficult as it was slippery and required full mental concentration. My knees were also suffering – I think the next time I may take two poles to put more weight on my shoulders and arms instead of bearing the full impact on my legs (and poor knees!).

Back in KK town, we goofed around, got massages, shopped, ate…and ate some more.

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Jade SeahJade Seah

The whole crew back at the airport. Couldn’t have asked for a better bunch to travel with. Thanks Eliza and Isaac for arranging everything! Till the next! (Rinjani, anyone?)

Jade SeahAll photos taken from Isaac Wong’s Flickr album and Marilyn’s FB.



Fri Aug, 8 2014

How to Take a Good Selfie

Everyone’s taking selfies these days. Even my folks (okay, mostly my mum) have been attempting to take selfies! This whole selfie thing is an extremely vain phenomenon that totally indulges one’s self-absorbed side (come on, everyone has a vain side – same reason you check yourself out first before looking at others in a group photo!). So since we’ve acknowledged that and gotten it out of the way, let’s go straight to the important stuff: how then to look good in a selfie?  I’ve narrowed it down to four basic tips that work for me.

Tip #1: Lighting is everything

Always face a light source while taking a selfie.

It makes the skin look radiant and rested – even sans makeup! This was taken directly facing a window, while getting my makeup done for a shoot. (Makeup artists always insist on natural light wherever possible when doing up a face!)

Jade Seah

While writing this and looking for selfie pictures on my mobile to accompany my tips, I found that most of my selfies were taken in a car! There are a few reasons for this; I am slightly embarrassed to be caught taking a selfie in public, so the privacy of my car is a great place; I get bored when I find myself waiting in the car and also, the car in the day has a great source of natural light from the windscreen!

Jade Seah

Jade Seah


Top #2: Dress up your selfie
Selfies are self-indulgent, especially if you take one daily (or several times a day!) and worst, POST one several times a day! Hate to break it to you, but no one really wants to see you mug on their Instagram or Facebook feed a few times a day, no matter how pretty or handsome you are.

One way to break the boring monotony of selfies (You smiling! You frowning! Your selfies always looking the same, save for change in facial expression…) is to change it up by dressing it up. This may be harder for guys – hate to be sexist here, but I think ladies are ‘allowed’ more self-indulgence in the form of selfies than men – but in your selfie arsenal you have lipstick, shades, necklaces, hair accessories and the like to play around with.

Try fun sunnies for a different look:

Jade Seah

Change up your makeup; if you usually do smoky eyes and nude lips, you might want to try a bold, red lippie:

Jade Seah

Play with props! Oatmeal the bear sits in the car and keeps me company throughout the day, so it’s only right that he should feature in some of my car selfies:

Jade Seah

Funky shades, check. Interesting necklace, check. Front lighting, check. Cutie in the backseat: icing on the selfie cake!



Tip #3: Pay attention to your hair

Because while a selfie is about taking a photo of your mug, it’s not just about the face. You may want to change up your hairstyle so you will not have the same look in every selfie.

Things I learnt from Eunice Annabel, who takes the prettiest selfies, is that hair is very important

Eunice Annabel Jade Seah

Eunice was really sweet and gave me a lesson on hair that looks good in selfies – all her tips and tricks in the following video!

Tip #4: Angles are good

Eunice Annabel knows her angles; she knows which her ‘good’ side is and how to make the most of it. To me, she is super gorgeous and if you’ve met her in person, she really looks good from every angle! She did however mention her rounder face shape as a concern and not a feature she particularly wants to play up. She’s not alone; it seems everyone wants a smaller, more ‘V’-shaped face these days, especially in photos. I am generally okay with my face shape, but less fullness in the cheek area and more angles to the face (I love razor-sharp, Kate Moss-type cheekbones!) would be great, thanks.

Taking photos at an angle gives the illusion of a more contoured face. Not quite Kate Moss, but there’s some definition in the cheekbones here:

Jade Seah

Something that I’ve found really helped me look better in selfies this past year (excuse the self-praise, sorry!) is a product that de-puffs and slims the face. You see, while I wasn’t blessed with Ms Moss’ cheekbones, some semblance of cheekbones do exist beneath the slightly chubby cheeks that I’ve lived with most of my life.

Check out my journey to getting a slimmer face (complete with old photos!) here if you haven’t!

From working in television for quite a few years now, I’ve realised how much water my body retains! I learnt this the hard way on my first overseas assignment – I was to interview Keane in Bangkok. It’s Thailand, yo, so I indulged in tom yum soup the night before (I love spicy, clear soups such as tom yum and ma la!) and when I saw the interview when it was televised (on national television, no less) I almost died. I could barely recognise myself! My face was so round (doesn’t help that the TV really does “put on” 5 kg!).

After looking through all my selfie photos for this post, I found that in recent times – since I started using this product over a year ago – a lot of my photos are generally taken straight on. No need for any angling!

Jade Seah

Jade Seah

Here’s the secret (okay, not-so-secret!) product I was talking about:

Jade Seah

There’s a new and improved formula now (just launched a few months ago!) that I think works even better than the version I started using over a year ago. Even more people have commented that I’ve lost weight since I started using the newly formulated Shaping Facial Lift by Clarins – I haven’t; it’s just that the face looks slimmer now without all the puffiness and heaviness from water retention! Now I just wish I’d know about this product when I started out in television so I wouldn’t have had so many “omg my face looks super bloated” moments when I watched playback of my shows. Ah well. Sharing this now so at least you have a ready solution – unlike me at the start of my career in the media. Good things must be shared!

One of my most recent selfies so you can decide for yourself if it works.

Jade Seah